Sunday, February 11, 2007

Game log 2/11/2007: Four in a day? Is that legal?

Thankfully, my four-pack today was in the right order: 8th, 7th, 6th, and finally 5th. Makes it a lot easier on me. I didn't half-ass it as I tried to get through the games...maybe I three-quarter-assed it, but not half. I ran and didn't walk. The net result: Four good games. I can't recall a call I want back. We did take a lot of passes, especially for the little kids, but I think that's good. The kids learn more from playing in a game with a little flow when we let a few things go. The 6th grade game was highly unusual: the visiting team won by a LOT, but it featured my first 11-1 foul half. (The eleven were on the winning team; it was the second half). I kept looking to call something on the losing team, but they were so timid (that's why they were losing) that there was just nothing there. The winning coach had nothing to complain about; he was way up and a class act.

I knew I wouldn't put up with anything today, so I warned coaches in each of the first two games before things got out of control. They never did.

I believe I got thanked by coaches after every stinking game. So it feels good. Emotionally, I mean. My ankles and legs do NOT feel so good. But they're not terrible either.

I learned today that when I wear a sleeve over my knee with shorts, the sleeve creeps down. It doesn't do that under my polyester black ref pants.

THINGS I DID WELL: Call selection, coach management
THINGS TO WORK ON: Mind wandering late

NEXT UP: Small-school sub-.500 varsity on Tuesday night. Even matchup; could be fun.


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