Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seth Davis backpedals

After criticizing the officials in the Memphis/Texas A&M game for what he thought was an error in taking 1.1 seconds off the clock on the late out of bounds play, Seth Davis looked again. He said the following at halftime:

"Let me do a mea culpa on my analysis before. I'll rescind my criticism of the refs. As you said, Greg, the ball did bounce in-bounds, so when they went and looked at that replay, they took off 1.1 seconds...I actually thought when I first saw the replay, Greg, that the ball bounced off of [Memphis coach John] Calipari. That's the reason why I thought they blew it."

Then, a way to dodge the entire damn "the story is the refs" angle:

"But hey. Give Memphis credit for making those two free throws down the stretch. And let's face it, it was a bad pass on Texas A&M's part. They were fortunate even to get the ball back."

Wow! Refreshing.

"So Mea culpa. Refs were right; I was wrong."

Better late than never. Thanks, Seth, for getting the word in before this blew up in front of everyone's water coolers tomorrow.

I trust that Sweet 16-level NCAA officials know the rules better than I do. Still, I'd love to see verification that the replay officials were to measure from in-bound touch to out-of-bounds touch rather than from in-bound touch to whistle (which was earlier). All of the rules I've seen cited here and here so far don't quite address this exact situation.


At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time for a cage match!


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