Sunday, April 22, 2007

Letterman Top Ten

I love Letterman...and while this may be piling on Crawford while he's down, I do think this is awfully funny.

Top Ten Signs Your NBA Referee is Nuts

10. Keeps nude photos of NBA Commissioner David Stern in his wallet

9. Refers to the ball as "Peggy"--now that's nuts

8. Refuses to let substitutes come out of the game unless they give two weeks notice

7. Puts ball under his shirt; claims he's carrying LeBron's baby

6. Every time someone makes a basket, he screams "Goooaaaallll!"

5. Thinks the Knicks rebuilding plan is working

4. He has a 24-second clock over his bed -- that's worse than calling the ball "Peggy"

3. Well, he's the only one out there on ice skates

2, Allows players extra free throw if they give him a cigarette

1. Asks Kobe for tips on maintaining a monogamous relationship


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