Monday, January 14, 2008

Game Log 1/14/2008: Ugly matchup

Two relatively unskilled sets of freshman girls, one more so than the other. Green over White fairly easily. We let go quite a few palms (more than I would like), and looked the other way on some fouls in the second half.

It was a strange night. The first half featured a foul count of Green 7, White 2 at one point. Green's coach said the following: "It's seven to two!" I told her that her team was playing more aggressively, and that foul counts aren't always even. Her response: "But I only have nine players!" Puh-leez. That's weak and lame. In any event, her kids settled down, especially after halftime.

That's when White's went berserk. Lots of banging, especially on the perimeter. We wanted to let stuff go, but there were way too many slaps, pushes, reaches, etc. White's coach became annoyed, but whatcha gonna do?

I'm noticing a tendency to walk up to coaches to continue conversation. I don't feel right about that, but I think I know why it's happening. Confidence? No. Desire to communicate? No chance. I think I'm just accustomed to three-man. When the coach is looking at me with a question, or even with a little bit of a scowl, I feel like part of game management is to get next to the coach and chit-chat a little. Of course, in two-man, this takes me in directions the opposite of where I want to go.

Anyhoo...little to report. There was very little we could have done to make this game good.

GOOD: Controlled game, kept it moving as best as we could
WORK ON: Less chatting with coaches, get early palms
NEXT: Two men's rec games tomorrow.


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