Monday, February 04, 2008

Game Log 2/4/2008: Small school

My earlier complaint about tonight being a two-man varsity game was unfounded. It was small school time with a capital S...we're talking an enrollment of 100. That's 50 girls, and 10 of them are on the basketball team. The other 90 were all in the stands. It was a loud, hot, humid gym. The play wasn't very good, but these are fun nights.

Felt pretty good all night. Partner was quite good...he's been around the block a few times, so even though we hadn't ever seen each other before tonight, the game was smooth. He cheated a little bit and didn't switch on the occasional foul, which I find irritating, but that was the exception.

Weird night where I called the first two fouls. The third was a double whistle where I tried to release to him, but he wouldn't let me. It all evened out in the end.

I was sort of a comedian with one coach. After a time out, he said "It's our ball, right?" I said "No. White ball. They had it and they called time out." His response: "Oh, yeah. I'm sorry." I cracked him up when I said: "I accept your apology."

Two-person games with a billion turnovers are not good for the ankles. My offseason goal: Good, good new shoes.

DID WELL: Game was well under control throughout. Coach management, call selection.
WORK ON: I was probably guilty of some ball watching, since so very little was going on tonight.
NEXT: We're winding down now. Two junior high tomorrow, two junior high Thursday, and a freshman game a week later.


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