Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Game Log 1/22/2008: A First in My Career

I never thought I would do it.

But tonight I did.

The highlight of tonight's game was my first career call of ten-second violation on a free throw.

The girl went to the line. She bounced the ball. She bounced it again. She spun the ball. She held it up over her palm. She bounced it. She spun it. She spun it again. She held it over her head. She considered the basket.

I counted. 1...2...3...4...

I got to twelve, and there was no sign of a free throw.

I blew my whistle. It was the first of two shots.

"Ten Seconds! We'll shoot ONE."

Coach called me over, and politely asked "What was the call?"

I prepared for the onslaught. "Ten seconds, coach...and I actually counted to twelve."

He shrugged. "Sounds about right."

Cool guy.

Anyway, the night was totally smooth. Nine fouls in the first half (including a couple of illegal screens, which stopped, thankfully) then exactly one foul in the third quarter. My partner was a varsity guy, albeit not as experienced as I am. And we had a minor disagreement late.

With 1.1 seconds left in a 4-point game, White's coach shouted "Foul! Foul!"

White's little half-pint guard ran up and pushed the ballhandler with two hands. It wasn't vicious--the kid was half the ballhandler's size--and both players actually laughed in the aftermath.

But it was a no-brainer. Intentional foul. Just like every point of emphasis for the past umpteen years.

I got the laughing players back to halfcourt and set up for the two-shots-and-the-ball. Coach, again, was in agreement.

Partner was not. He said: "Next time, just call a push."

I thought "Hell no." I said "I disagree. We'll talk about it in the locker room."

We did, and didn't hash out the disagreement. Because he wouldn't recognize that I was right. Sigh...

Still, a great night and a fine game.

GOOD: Game flowed, coach communication, got illegal screens
WORK ON: Zoned out a little late
NEXT: My varsity debut in my new association. JV too. A lopsided matchup, but I'll take it.


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