Thursday, January 31, 2008

Game Log 1/31/2008: Good one

I don't know why I got the same team for a third time in a row, but at least it's a team with a classy coach and good kids who follow his lead.

Game was smooth. Very, very little to report. I had to give two administrative T's to open the second half because the classy coach admitted to having given the wrong set of jersey numbers to the table. I wasn't positive whether it was one T or several...I went with several (there were only two incorrect numbers). To be honest, I probably never would have known if I hadn't been notified by the coach... the table wasn't telling me. Anyway, I'll check to see if this was wrong.

One controversial call late. I had White out of bounds directly in front of White's bench. I saw him slide his foot over, touch the line, and bring it back quickly. Blue ball! White went pretty nuts about it, but it was over soon. The fact that it was a 20-point game didn't help.

We missed a travel right before halftime, but beyond that, I don't think I want a call back tonight. That's a good feeling.

GOOD: Game management, call selection, handled weird situation correctly
WORK ON: Travels
NEXT: Another varsity girls game, added at the last minute. Yay me. That'll be Saturday night.


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous massref said...

Changing numbers in the book falls under 10-1-2. And the penalty section says "One foul only per team regardless of the number of infractions"

Oops! :-)

Been there, done that.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger BloggingRef said...

Thanks, Massref, for that...

Damn. Damn and hell and damn and shit and god DAMN!

You know, I knew this one. But the classy coach is an experienced college ref, and he seemed to want to check to see how many numbers were off, and referred to multiple fouls. Keep in mind that this was -at his own penalty-! I saw an experienced ref and class act telling me I had to give multiple fouls against him--and that impressed me. So I double-checked with my partner, who said it was two Ts.

Turns out I was the only guy in the gym who knew the rule. So why did I doubt and then defer?

Damn and shit and damn. I've got some mental rearrangement to do. this is freakin' UNACCEPTABLE.


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