Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Game Log 1/29/2008: Just a bit off

Very little to discuss in today's freshman boys' game. I didn't quite feel with it (I've been short sleep lately), but had a strong, varsity fill-in partner, and my knee barked for a while. But those are excuses. Nothing went wrong, really. There was one late call where I totally helped out my partner. It was C's call...but, unfortunately, we were playing a two-man game.

Here's what happened:

Late in a close game, the team trailing by two got a rebound. I was new lead, and I hauled my butt down the floor, keeping my eyes on the last couple of defenders over my shoulder. As soon as I got there, the ballhandler crashed into a third defender in the middle of a batch bodies right about the free throw line. It was quite a collision. I gave a half a beat for my partner to make the call, since he had the ballhandler. Nothing. The collision was too big to ignore, so I tooted my whistle. I picked up the defender late (remember...this was SO C's call!), so I called it a player control foul, simply because it was a solid shot to the torso. Later, I asked my partner if it was the right call.

"Thank you for that! I was way in the backcourt, and the collision was in a pile. For me, it would have been a stone-cold guess. I'm SO glad you had something!"

Ah, bailing out a varsity partner. Nice feeling.

GOOD: Game was smooth, kept a good eye on things, game under control
WORK ON: Mental with-it-ness (maybe just get some sleep)
NEXT: Right now, it's a Saturday freshman boys' game, but I'm seeing if I can get something on Thursday.


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