Thursday, February 04, 2010

Game Log 2/4/10: I do not complain about partners on my blog.

Girls' JV/Varsity doubleheader. JV was a dream to ref in the first half...minimal contact. Second half, we managed to get a few frustration fouls on Green as they endured a blowout loss. We didn't back down.

The varsity game was a challenge in all sorts of ways.

For starters, as I was about to inbound the ball to start the second quarter of the Varsity game, one of my partners [REDACTED]. Then, two seconds after the quarter started, he [REDACTED].

Not long thereafter, I had a first: I had to muzzle the road team's bookkeeper, who was barking at me repeatedly. He said he'd shut up, and he did.

Then, with about thirty seconds left in the third quarter, [REDACTED] The bench [REDACTED] I was confident that [REDACTED], so I walked up to her and asked her if [REDACTED]. But when I worked with partner on this, there was a communication issue that I didn't find out about until later. Anyway, we did the free throws and got to the end of the half.

When we approached the table at half, the road book--the guy I'd warned, was over by the home book comparing notes. [REDACTED.] That's when I decided we needed to get away from the table and into the locker room.

Once we got there, partner [REDACTED.] He said he was used to partners who would [REDACTED] in that situation, and that he was mad that I didn't. I don't remember everything he said, but [REDACTED.] I pointed out [REDACTED], but he really insisted that [REDACTED.]

My #1 goal, of course, was to calm all of this down so we could focus on the second half. I said so, saying "What we need is to get all of this behind us--end it all--so we can have a good second half." I brought the other partner in on the conversation (he had been silent), and he gave me some constructive criticism on my calls (I was reaching across the key as lead. Guilty as charged...I've been good about not doing that this year, but had an off night).

We then managed to go out and have a decent second half. My partner even [REDACTED] at the first time out (I'll look up if this was legal). We shook hands after the game and my partner said he was glad [REDACTED].

After the game was also a concern. As we headed to the parking lot together, the quieter partner mentioned a complaint that the losing coach had that we all agreed was groundless. But the angrier partner [REDACTED], which really made me uncomfortable.

All in all, I'm glad a wise man once gave me this advice, nearly exactly a year ago. It came in handy tonight. I tried to focus on my area and make the calls I needed to make and let [REDACTED] fade into the background. The second half wasn't too bad, actually...only two reaches across the key. Too many, but tonight I think I earned a mulligan. And I'll be better next time.

THINGS I DID WELL: Coach discussions went well, may have prevented [REDACTED]
THINGS TO WORK ON: Partner communication, reaching across key as lead

NEXT UP: Last JV/Varsity game of the year on Thursday. It's actually a biggish one. Not an even matchup, but first place against third (first is very far ahead of the field, though, like a horse race with Secretariat). I'll still look forward to being in that first-place gym, though.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

A wise man??? Wow, I'm flattered. :-)

I hope you're not destined for one of these games per year. Again, it sounds like you adjusted well and did the best you could with the situation. As many other wise men have said, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken [REDACTED].


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