Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I didn't attend a camp last year. The February birth of my son meant I didn't want to invest time or money in anything like that.

Which means that this year, I want to go to a camp.

We have a local camp I attended two years ago, back in the I-want-people-around-here-to-see-me phase. I learned a fair amount, and I suppose I could head back there. However, there's a perception issue. As I'm moving up in this association, I don't want to put myself in the position of guy-who-still-has-to-learn-from-the-top-dudes-in-the-association. It's not that I don't have any improvement to make--I do. But perception is reality, and as I'm becoming a local crew chief quite often, I'm not sure I want to put myself back in that position again.

So I recalled a camp I went to ten years ago. It was tied to a girls' AAU tournament that drew great players from all around the country. I remember knowing I was reffing some damn fine talent when I walked into a gym and passed Tara VanDerVeer walking out.

I received a LOT of good feedback that year, but in retrospect, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. So I'm curious as to what I'd get out of it if I returned.

The problem? It's $450. That's about a third of what I make officiating every year.

That's too much. I won't pay it. (Last time I went, I was on a scholarship.)

So I'm sort of poking around, looking for a cheaper place to go that won't necessitate a hotel but won't cost more than $175...$200 at the absolute most.

And I'm not optimistic. This may be a camp-free year.

(It will not, however, be without honest-to-goodness workouts. It's not just the reffing. It's that being a dad makes me want to live longer. Oh, and as the kid gets bigger, I need to develop some strength to carry the dude.)

Game Log 3/8/2010: Afterthought

After my most excellent final games, there was a danger of overlooking the last couple of junior high boys ballgames I had yesterday. But I geared up for it, knowing that the top junior high boys games I had about six weeks ago were pretty high-quality, and I had one of the same teams.

Didn't need to gear up. With four officials there, we figured (and we later determined incorrectly, alas) that my partner and I were on the lesser court with JV junior high players.

In retrospect, we should have stepped up and taken the better games. My partner was a fellow varsity official, and we were a better crew for the more challenging game. But it didn't seem worth a fight, and two of the other guys (including my partner) insisted that my partner and I were on the lesser court. It doesn't matter--pay is the same--except that there were some complaints from the upper gym...they weren't calling fouls, one of the guys wasn't crossing halfcourt, etc. But anyway, it's over.

We sort of coasted through our games...seldom switched on fouls (running clock makes this not merely evidence of laziness). Both games were blowouts; neither had any issues from anyone. I remember nothing except trying to stay focused so that it didn't bungle the end of my year. We got through without any issues...and now the year is officially done. 40 games. Nice round number.

GOOD: Call selection in low-quality game, attempted partner communication (although he seldom looked at me)
WORK ON: Stay in shape (groin was barking due to a 3-week exercise-free break), don't get lazy

NEXT: I want to go to camp, but I don't want to spend more than $175. I therefore may not go to camp. More to follow...imminently.

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