Monday, April 30, 2007

The knee

I played basketball today. Twice.

I haven't played any basketball at all in literally years. I eventually got some trace elements of a shooting touch back, and I didn't get too tired (a good sign).

But my left knee hurts again.

It's the back of the knee that hurts, and it gets worse when I bend it a whole lot. I had to stop shooting around for a while after a layup in which I lifted my left leg up into a fully-bent knee. That hurt.

I'm going to see a doctor. If it's nothing, I've got a camp I want to go to. If there's some sort of problem, I'll bag camp this summer. I don't want to pay a bunch of money to not referee at camp.

I suspect things will be fine. I can run just fine, and that's all one really has to do to ref.

Anybody know anything about the back of the knee?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Was Ed Montague right?

Here's the story...

In basketball, there's a correctable error rule. There are specific instances which can be fixed (mostly involving free throws erroneously being awarded or not awarded), and a deadline by which they must be fixed (the ball going live after the next dead ball). It's hard and fast.

I don't know whether baseball has that rule or not. If it does not, then I see this as having two sides.

#1. Ed Montague and his crew wanted to award a deserved run. Better late than never.
#2. The crew needs to award said run when it happens or not at all. That Orioles run was not on the board for three innings, and that run, especially since the game was close, could have impacted managerial decisions (reliever choices, pinch-hitting, etc.)

I can see the logic on both sides (again, assuming that the MLB rules do not have a correctable error stipulation). But I'm afraid that adding a run three innings later changes the game too much.

I'll be interested to see what Bud Selig does with the protest. I predict the protest is upheld.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Letterman Top Ten

I love Letterman...and while this may be piling on Crawford while he's down, I do think this is awfully funny.

Top Ten Signs Your NBA Referee is Nuts

10. Keeps nude photos of NBA Commissioner David Stern in his wallet

9. Refers to the ball as "Peggy"--now that's nuts

8. Refuses to let substitutes come out of the game unless they give two weeks notice

7. Puts ball under his shirt; claims he's carrying LeBron's baby

6. Every time someone makes a basket, he screams "Goooaaaallll!"

5. Thinks the Knicks rebuilding plan is working

4. He has a 24-second clock over his bed -- that's worse than calling the ball "Peggy"

3. Well, he's the only one out there on ice skates

2, Allows players extra free throw if they give him a cigarette

1. Asks Kobe for tips on maintaining a monogamous relationship

Joey Crawford

I feel like it's my job to talk about officiating news, but I've been loath to address Joey Crawford's probably-permanent suspension.

The main reason I've been quiet is that I'm not sure what actually happened. Did Duncan cuss Crawford out? If so, when? To me, that's critical...the timing of the second technical is the most important detail that I don't know (and likely never will).

But here's the thing. Whenever a league goes public to back up its officials (like after Super Bowl XL, for instance), I use it as evidence that the officials were right. I can't have a double standard. Since the NBA is throwing the book at Crawford, I have to assume he's done something very, very wrong. And I'd say challenging a player to a fight is certainly that.

I just hope that Crawford is remembered as much for his 31 years of service as he is for his hot-tempered career-ender. I hope...but I know better.

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