Friday, February 02, 2007

Game Log 2/2/07: Yuck

At the end of the third quarter of tonight's small-school varsity game, the home team led 31-3.

That is not a misprint. 3 points in 3 quarters.

I remarked to my partners that I had never had a team score in single-digits before in a varsity game. Neither had they.

Red (the losing team) had several trips to the line, but couldn't hit a free throw...but in the fourth quarter, they wound up getting a few buckets and making it to double digits.

I barely broke a sweat tonight. We were lulled to sleep, I'm afraid, and late in the game, partner had a good call away from the ball that we gave shots for. Bad idea, since it was team control. All three of us missed it.

Yeah, we blew that call. But it didn't (believe it or not) have an impact on the final outcome.

THINGS I DID WELL: Lots of good passes on calls, game management
THINGS TO WORK ON: Focus, even in a mega-horrible game
NEXT UP: Tiny-school tilt on Monday.


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