Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Game Log 1/15/2008: Rec ball and why I won't do it anymore

Two men's rec games. I've never done men's rec games before. They didn't go badly, but I disliked them.

Partner was fine, games were okay, but I just don't feel a ref can win in this culture. It comes down to there not being a coach or a leader to keep emotions in check. And guys being guys will bitch quite a bit. Normally, a warning is in order, then a T. In a regular game, with an adult in charge, a T will make the game go better. In a rec game? Not so much. A T might actually make things worse, especially in a 40-point game (like my second one). So the result is that the best choice is to take some shit.

On top of that, neither the basketball nor the mechanics will enable me to get better. I had a good partner, but something about rec ball leads us to not switching, certainly not reporting at the table, letting a few things go so the players can play with a little flow. It's just no fun. I can't recall any good calls or any bad ones (although my partner overruled an out-of-bounds call of mine...which I don't mind, but he could have done it with better communication).

In short, I don't need the money, I don't enjoy the games (like I often enjoy kids' games), and the assignment won't make me a better ref. I'd rather be home with my wife and cat. So, even if it puts me on the wrong side of my assignor, I suspect I'll turn adult rec games back in the future.

THINGS I DID WELL: Tried a new kind of assignment, didn't get lazy (ran throughout both games)
THINGS TO WORK ON: Not letting crappy mechanics carry over
NEXT: Freshman game in a week.


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