Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Game Log 2/5/2008: Ouch

Two boys' junior high games today with a newbie partner. The newbie partner is notable because it's the first woman I've worked with this year. Back in the big city, somewhere between a quarter and a third of the association was female (in good part because it was a girls' basketball association). In this mixed association of about a hundred, I think there are six women. I miss working with women. The games were haggard...not bad games, but loads of fouls (the two games took over three hours to complete, and that was with 5-minute halftimes). I probably could have taken a pass on one or two, but in the first game, a blowout, I wanted to keep it under control, so I told my partner "if they keep doing them, we'll keep calling them." Very little from the four coaches. One butthead fan, but only briefly buttheaded. It was easy money...

except my ankle started acting up in the second quarter of the second game.

A lesser man would be in the hospital in critical condition. But me? I'm all about the kids. I kept reffing. I didn't stop running (well, if you call what I do running). I played through the pain, bay-bee.

The ankle hurt. Then in migrated to the knee, then back to the ankle, then up to the hamstring. With two minutes left, I asked the AD if he could get some ice ready. He did. I put it under my hamstring for the ride home. And when I got out of the car...well...I could barely walk. The pain is in my left ankle, in back of the knob on the inside. It seems to curl around that bone.

So I downed a pair of Tylenol, and I've got fast food on the guest bed. I'm reclining in a robe with two packs of ice. I may need a third...the knee is starting to bark now.

I had to back out of Thursdays games due to a work commitment. Now I'm very, very grateful I did.

GOOD: Helped out a partner, consistently called it the same
WORK ON: Got straightlined a couple times, mostly as lead. This must mean I'm not moving enough.
NEXT: A week from Friday I wrap up the season with a boys' freshman game. It was a damn quick season.


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