Monday, February 05, 2007

Game Log 2/5/2007: A pair

Junior high game first, for which I was given the wrong site (probably not my assignor's fault, though). I arrived 3 minutes into the game...partner was fine with it, since he had also gone to the right place. I only remember one call...a quick judgement on a block in spite of hard contact on the torso. I thought I'd blown it...partner told me I didn't. "In fact," he said, "the contact was exaggerated because the defender was NOT set." Cool.

High school game. Went smooth. Small Rural beat Small Religious with a big third quarter. Each half started with one team getting way up on the foul count, and ended with the fouls right about even.

Fine night, all in all. Now, five more days of reffing this year...

THINGS I DID WELL: Good judgement on quick calls.
THINGS TO WORK ON: I need to be more aware of partners.
NEXT UP: Tomorrow night...two sub-.500 bigger schools.


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